Smoke Tests

Leak Detection - Smoke Test

Do you smell sewer odors in your home, office or restaurant?  Do you smell sewer odors after it rains or after someone runs water down the drain? This could be an indication that your waste line running under your building may have failed and is leaking.

Another type of test we perform are smoke tests.  A smoke test can find leaks before they become bigger problems. We use a specialized smoke inducing machine to push non-toxic smoke gently through your waste lines. We observe and document where the smoke is exiting. What this test does is identify where the inflow is coming into the system. We perform these tests for homeowners, for industrial complexes and commercial businesses.

The smoke we use is not hazardous. It is colorless (white), odorless, non-toxic and does not stain. These tests should be done on calm and dry days. Our technician will set up the machine, he will pump smoke through the line. The smoke will make its way through the sewer lines. Then he will observe where the smoke is escaping from. We take pictures and document the locations of the smoke. When smoke is identifiable, it may mean that there are cracks, holes or other types of failures in the those lines.

So if you smell a strange sewer type odor in your home, at the office, or if you own a business contact us and we are happy to speak with you and book your appointment.

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