Leak Detectors & Plumbers - What is the difference?

Too often people think that Plumbers are Leak Detectors and visa versa. The work Plumbers do is quite different from what Leak Detectors do. That is why Leak Detectors and Plumbers can work so well together.

Leak Detectors are very specialized and train for many years to perfect the ability to perform noninvasive leak detection tests. Plumbers train for a more general range of services and can repair various things such as waste disposal systems, appliances, and pipes. Often people mistake leak detectors for plumbers. Leak Detectors are the experts that locate the leaks for plumbers, and the plumbers fix them. Leak detection is a specific trade and very specialized. Leak Detectors and Plumbers make great partners because their skills and subject matter expertise compliment each other.

Advanced Leak Detection Services will quickly and accurately locate and mark the location of the leak using noninvasive advanced technology. We will save you time and money and will consult you on what the next steps are after we locate your leak. If we are referred by a plumbing company, we will contact the company that referred us and provide them the details of the location and reason for the leak that was found. This way they can choose whether they want to bid and make the repair or if they want us to bid and do the repair. We are licensed and bonded and have the experience to repair many of the leaks that we find. We are not here to take away work from those that trust and refer us. We want to make sure that the customer is taken care of quickly and completely.

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