Prepping Your Home Before You Go On Vacation

Prepping Your Home Before You Go On Vacation

It is summer and time for some rest and relaxation. We plan our summer trips ahead of time and look forward to the memories that will be made. One thing that is often overlooked is preparing your home while you are away. It does not matter the length of time you will be away, it could be three days, one week, or a month. It is important to get your home ready also. By preparing your home you can save on your electric bill, make your home safer, and avoid water leak damage. Nothing is 100% foolproof but these things can help.

1.) Do a walk through of your home. Check the pipes under the sinks in your kitchen and  bathrooms for leaks. Check for cracks around your toilet, pool, or sinks.

2.) Set your water heater on vacation mode. Look at your water heater to make sure nothing is leaking or looks like there could be a potential problem while you are out.

3.) If you can, turn off your water main.

4.) Pool pumps – You want to continue running the pump while you are gone but check the settings before you leave. Remember to turn off the heat in your spa.

6.) Clean out your refrigerator the most you can to prevent spoiled food in case of a power shut off while you are gone.

7.) Fill a shot glass or small object with water and mark it, freeze it, then put a coin on top of it. Leave it in the freezer, if the level changed while you were out, you could have lost power for a period of time.

8.) Check your water timers for your yard and plants.




You deserve to have a stress free time away. The more you plan and prepare the easier that will be. Nobody wants to come home to a flooded home because of something that could have been prevented.

Get ahead of the problem today!

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